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100 Doors Escape Walkthrough

Wanting to finish 100 Doors Escape game by using 100 Doors Escape Walkthrough? Well, think again about it. Many people dislike that idea because that will minimize the challenges and surprises in the game. And now in this article we are going to give you two different and contrary perspectives regarding the issue. Below, we present you our opinion about this matter. And to make it fair, we try to judge it from negative and positive perspective about using game walkthrough to finish a game.


First, we would like to try to see it from the positive perspective regarding the matter. Well, looking from the positive point of view, we argue that playing a game should not be a serious thing. That is if you are already stuck in one point of the game and feel too frustrated about it, it’s more than okay to use 100 Doors Escape Walkthrough to help you to finish the game. By using the walkthrough, you can see the necessary steps and actions that you need to take to do in order to handle the challenges and finish the game. So, it’s easier for you to finish the game since you are using walkthrough. And another advantage that you can take is you do not need to spend too much time on the game.

But looking from the negative perspective, using 100 Doors Escape Walkthrough to play the game can kill the fun in it. Game supposed to be an entertainment that are full of playful surprises and nice challenges, but when you are using walkthrough every step is counted and it kills the fun. You already know what to do and where to step, and what’s the fun of it ? It is like you are following a tutorial for some kind of simulation and not playing a game.

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